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Tempering of drop forgings


✔ Most modern continuous tempering and all annealing processes possible

✔ Complete QA management with certification to DIN ISO 9001 

✔ Extensive laboratory equipment and sample production line for determination of mechanical parameters

The HARMS Vergüterei GmbH & Co. KG started operations in summer 2003. The decision to set up a modern tempering line was long overdue due to our many years of successful cooperation with renowned stainless steel forges. The construction of the tempering shop, as a completely new segment within the Harms company, was adapted to the high requirements of drop forgings especially for the automotive industry and equipped with the latest control and process monitoring technology.

Tempering is understood to mean hardening with subsequent tempering to temperatures of approx. 550 to 650 ̊ C. The microstructural changes occurring in the material result in a significant increase in toughness in addition to high strength.

echnical parameters:

  • Individual remuneration

  • Forgings up to 80 kg

  • Throughput 800 kg / h
                       500 to / Mon

  • oil-based remuneration

  • all annealing processes possible
    (Normalize,and stress relief heat Treatment)

Typical parts:

  • steering knuckle

  • Crankshafts

  • crown wheels

  • Clutch Discs

  • Drive wheels

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