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We offer our customer the biggest modern Furnace in Europa because…

we can „big and heavy“

Casehardening without limit

HARMS Lohnhärterei has since 2010 the biggest Casehardening Furnace from Europa

Case hardening for high surface hardness

Case hardening produces a hard and wear-resistent edge area and a tough core.

Case hardening consists of carburizing hardening and tempering

Steels without carbon can’t be hard During carburizing the carbon content is increased and now you get a hard surface and a tough core.

We are specialist for large case hardening Depth!

The furnace is equipped with the most modern monitoring and control Technology
All process datat are stored digitally and archived vie a process control system
Quenching takes place in the polymer basin
A spezial process was developed to minimize distortion

Our variable possibilities complete further gas carburizing furnaces

We realize very large carburizing depths. The furnaces operate according to the nitrogen-methanol-propane process and are controlled, regulated and monitored by a process control system. The case depth and the hardness curve are calculated by a diffusion computer module. The quenching takes place in a high-performance quenching oil with intensive forced circulation or in a polymer tank.

 All heat treatment processes take place under inert gas.

Innovative research project for case hardening of large components

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Topic: "Theoretical and practical studies on the first case hardening of oversized components, especially of gear wheels, as well as the development of a corresponding simulation model."

The Harms contract hardening shop carried out the most extensive research project in its young company history together with several institutes of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and with competent partners in mechanical engineering. In the tradition of decades of fruitful cooperation between Magdeburg's mechanical engineering and the former "Technical University for Heavy Engineering", we have the opportunity, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, to carry out comprehensive studies to ensure quality and to further develop the case hardening of large components in an innovative way. The main contents of the research project are:

The development of operational simulation models for the characterization of the thermal behavior of thick-walled components as well
Extensive practical and laboratory tests to prove the technological parameters achieved in the large carburizing plant, e.g. Case hardness depth, carbon content, mechanical parameters.
With the solution of these tasks, we want to contribute to realizing the case hardening of very large transmission components as a more advantageous alternative to other processes on a scientifically and technically sound basis and with reproducible quality and thus to do justice to future development trends and innovations in mechanical engineering.

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